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Eco Painting, LLC

Middlefield, Connecticut USA


eco painting

eco painting creates healthy living environments that deliver solid, long lasting solutions without the use of harmful volatile organic compounds or environmentally damaging chemicals.


eco painting (n.); an Artisan ecoHouse+ Painting & Staining company


About Us

Eco Painting, LLC (est. 2006)  is an innovative painting company whose mission is simple;  promote the use of alternative, non- toxic, environmentally responsible products to create healthy interior & exterior living environments for our clients.

We partner with leading manufacturers, non-profit organizations, and green building professionals to create a greener future today!


Our Sercives

Residential- Repaints, Custom, New Construction
Commercial- New, Mixed Use
Industrial/ Institutional
Interiors/ and Exteriors 
Paints, Stains. Specialty Coatings

Surfaces (A-Z), Paint or Stain Grade:

Baseboards, Beams, Bookcases & shelves, cabinets, ceilings, closets, conduit, corbels, decks, doors, ductwork, fascia, fences, fire escapes, fireplaces, firewood boxes, floors, furniture, garage doors, grates and grills, gutters & downspouts, lattice, mailbox structures, masonry, mechanical equipment, molding, overhangs, pass-through shelves, piping, plaster or stucco, pot shelves, radiators, railings, registers HVAC, roofing, sheet metal, shutters or blinds, siding, stairs, structural steel, tank/ silo, trellis, valances for light fixtures, walls, windows, wine racks.



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